[TUHS] Borland's C++ BuilderX, Personal Edition

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Thu Jul 21 03:21:04 AEST 2005

> The same concerns multitasking, multithreading , shared libraries etc.

V7 already multitasks.
Why would you want shared libraries!?

> BTW I have ported apout emulator to Coherent. What I miss is "more" and

I have a small paging utility at

> "vi". Editing with "cat" is possible but not very useful. I am not going
> to learn "ed".


> Did You try to port "vi" to Unix Version 7 system ? I can


> Andrzej

If one wanted an architecturally clean and modern V7-like system
that ran on the PC they could always install Plan9.  Of course if
you're porting V7 for the educational experience, more power to you.

Tim Newsham

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