[TUHS] Borland's C++ BuilderX, Personal Edition

Andrzej Popielewicz vasco at icpnet.pl
Thu Jul 21 05:50:53 AEST 2005

Uz.ytkownik Tim Newsham napisa?:

>> The same concerns multitasking, multithreading , shared libraries etc.
> V7 already multitasks.

OK, so problem is solved.But I suspect it multitasks differently on
different hardware, unless You use existing V7 x86 implementation. I do
not know pdp architecture, I suspect it does differ from x86, I mean
TSS,GDT, TR etc.

> Why would you want shared libraries!?

Not me, but others, and possibly James himself, he wanted to make V7 top

> http://lava.net/~newsham/x/machine/more_v6.c
> http://lava.net/~newsham/x/machine/more_v7.c 

Fine, I will try it out.I let You know if it works on Coherent.
I have already began to port more, but to finish I need to port termcap

>> "vi". Editing with "cat" is possible but not very useful. I am not going
>> to learn "ed".
> Why?

Simply because. Because I do not like ed.
I want to have useful and user friendly system. To use ed, only because
it is the oldest editor, does not make any sense for me.
I appreciate ed, because of sed, because sed has some similarity to ed
and is extremely useful as a tool.
Unix is not about ed, Unix is about unlimited possibilities of adding
new software , new applications or new editors, it makes Unix beautiful
that it can develop and not editor ed.If ed were all Unix has, it would
not survive.
I hope You accept that someone else can have different favourite
editors. I prefer vi, or even more vim, which is perfect editor.Of
course in the case of emulator missing user friendly editor is not a
problem, because I can edit under Coherent and then build under
emulator.It is good to have a choice, and Unix offers it.

>> Did You try to port "vi" to Unix Version 7 system ? I can
> Why!? 

As I said, because I like vi more than ed. Do You suggest , that James
should invest giant amount of time into porting V7 to x86/x64 and than
after use only one editor , namely ed ? As if it was prohibited to
develop another editor ?

> If one wanted an architecturally clean and modern V7-like system
> that ran on the PC they could always install Plan9. Of course if
> you're porting V7 for the educational experience, more power to you. 

I do not know Plan9, but according to descriptions I have read, it looks
very interesting. Well it was developed by Bell Lab...(?)-AT/T, which
does not require recommendation.They offer also another interesting OS,
namely Inferno.

BTW, I am not porting it(V7), It is James , who wants to do it .So more
power to him.
I have enough fun with Coherent, it is according to wikipedia based on
Unix version 7 and is x86.


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