[pups] S.R.Bourne and the shell

Andrew Lynch andrew.lynch at knuut.de
Thu May 19 20:11:26 AEST 2005

On May 19,  11:16pm, Pete Turnbull wrote:
> I've found a copy of the book "The Unix System" and I've had the
> paper "An Introduction to the UNIX Shell" for 20 years, but I thought
> I'd seen a slim book by S.R.Bourne called "The UNIX Shell" or something
> of the sort.  However, Google, Bibliofind, etc have turned up nothing;
> has anyone seen this, or is my memory at fault once more?

Are you possibly thinking of an article that appeared in the 1978 Bell System
Technical Journal?

>From the bibliography in "The UNIX System":

Bourne, S. R.  1978. "UNIX Time-Sharing System: The UNIX Shell". Bell Sys.
Tech. J. 57(6) 1971-90.

The issues of BSTJ that I have seen could be described as slim books - roughly
A5 paperback, around 200 pages.

This article is supposed to have also appeared in Volume 2 of the UNIX
Programmer's Manual - which would imply that it is the same as "An Introduction
to the UNIX Shell" (which is what my 7th Ed Manual contains).


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