[pups] "/unix is not the running version." ??

robinb at ruffnready.co.uk robinb at ruffnready.co.uk
Fri Nov 4 01:09:31 AEST 2005

Right idea, wrong way round :-)

Copy your /unix to something like /unix.save and then call your new image /unix.

Unfortunately the autoconfig stuff has /unix hard coded into it and will only look for this file.



bob at jfcl.com wrote:
> Guys,
>   Thanks for the help with my dzq11 problem - I'm glad to see that there are
> still people around running PDP-11 Unix.  Now that I've actually started
> using my 11/73, I've run into several things that I just don't know how to
> fix.
>   Like this one - I built a non-networking kernel (my normal /unix kernel
> has DEQNA and TCP/IP support) using the NONET example that comes with
> 2.11BSD.  No particular problems there.
>   Since I don't actually want to overwrite my /unix file, I can't use "make
> install" to install the nonet kernel, and so I just say "cp unix /nonet" and
> then chmod /nonet to set the protections.  This might have been my mistake,
> but I don't know any other way to do it without trashing my real /unix
> kernel.
>   To boot the nonet kernel, at the ":" boot prompt I type "nonet".  All is
> well until we get up to init, and then it says
> 	autoconfig: /unix is not the running version
> 	init: configuration setup error
> And then I'm stuck in single user mode with no devices configured.  Not
> especially useful.
>   Is my mistake in just "cp"ing the nonet kernel, or is there some
> limitation on booting files other than /unix?
> Thanks again,
> Bob Armstrong
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