[TUHS] Redoing "V6on286" or porting V7...?

Lyrical Nanoha LyricalNanoha at dosius.net
Thu Nov 17 07:41:38 AEST 2005

I'm the original poster of this thread.

On Tue, 15 Nov 2005, Peter Jeremy wrote:

> Wesley Parish mentioned bcc and OpenWatcom.  I looked into the former
> and it's probably the best starting point (though, with due respect to
> BDE, the code it generates could be better).  Assuming that Unix fits
> into the C subset implemented by bcc, you'd be better off spending the
> effort on improving bcc than porting PCC.  At the time I looked,
> OpenWatcom was either still vapourware or not self-hosting.

I don't think everything needs to be bootstrapped with an open-source 
compiler.  I have Turbo C++ 1.01 which is a more than adequate C compiler 
for anything I've done with it (ranging from clones of Unix tools to a 
COMMAND.COM to an Apple //e emulator).  Whatever does the job is fine for 

So getting the kernel up and getting files in and out of the image until a 
native C compiler is ready (pcc?) can be done with anything, practically. 
QEMU is a good enough testbed, and gives you well-defined hardware.  Once 
everything is up and running, then maybe one can migrate on to newer 
systems (V7, 2BSD), though V6 should be simple enough as a starting point, 
provided most of it is in C (I haven't really looked).


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