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>> Subject: Bob's emulator and ultrix
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>> I can't get the sim 2.3d to boot ultrix 3.1 or xenix or anyother  
>> boot tapes
>> in the uhs's archive. I have compiled the pdp11 emulator with  
>> gcc-3.4.6. I
>> am also interested in the OS Tim Berners-Lee used to write his first
>> browser. VMS on a VAX machine I have read. Is there anything like  
>> this in
>> the archive? A VAX emulator and VMS OS?
> Tim Berners-Lee developed what became the WWW, server and browser, on
> a NeXT computer running the NeXTstep OS.  There is not a whole lot of
> public knowledge about the internals of the NeXT hardware, which makes
> it difficult to write an emulator for it.
> There is a slowly progressing effort to port NetBSD to NeXT hardware.
> Also, the last few releases of NeXTstep and OpenStep would run either
> on NeXT hardware or selected x86 hardware.

NEXTSTEP 3.3 & OpenStep run on NeXT's m68k, x86, and on HP/Apollo 700  
series HPPA workstations and on several SUN SPARCstation models.

I own an HP735 that runs NS3.3 quite nicely.

>   Somewhere there is a
> writeup covering the subject of running OpenStep on the VMware virtual
> machine.

This is a close but not quite the same thing article:
> None of this is VAX, nor is it any other hardware covered by SimH.
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