[pups] [Fwd: Re: [TUHS] Bob's emulator and ultrix]

Michael Davidson michael_davidson at pacbell.net
Thu Apr 20 01:13:18 AEST 2006

Bill Gunshannon wrote:

>>By the way, are there releases of Xenix that run on PDP-hardware?
>>I've only ever heard of PC (8086+)-based ones.
>I believe there was a version of Xenix for the PDP-11 but Xenix is
>based on SYSIII which I understand is not covered by the ancient Unix
>license.  Of course, if it is, I would love a copy of SYSIII.  :-)
XENIX for the PDP-11 was available in the UK from the Software Products 
of Logica (which in late 1986 was acquired by the Santa Cruz Operation 
and became
their UK and European office).

As far as I know it was entirely based on V7 - other than adding a few 
device drivers
and configuring the system to match the customer's hardware I don't 
think that either
Microsoft or Logica really did much to the PDP-11 version. I used XENIX on a
PDP11/34 back in (I think) 1982 and most of the work was in finding a kernel
configuration which both had all of the drivers that we needed and would 
fit on a
non split i&d machinne.

I don't believe that any System III code showed up in XENIX until 
sometime later
in the Motorola 68k and Intel x86 versions.

Michael Davidson

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