[pups] PDP11 reverse-engineering(sort-of)

Jacques Wagener nuclearjoker at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 03:00:01 AEST 2006

Hi there !

Over december last year I had my first wonderful expierence with a
micro-pdp11 running Micro-RSX.
In actual fact I haven't tried much, only a complete reinstall of the
system(which was unecessary, because I've got backup tapes !).

But still an amazing moment.

What I wanted to ask is, in what manner would one transfer old
data/programs/source code from an old
hard-drive/tapes/floppy to more modern drives etc. I basically need to
transfer controller-programs over to x86( Everything works, I believe, but
old hardware is scares) where I want to connect a modern pdp11-interface

Thanking you in advance

Jacques Wagener
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