[pups] PDP11 reverse-engineering(sort-of)

Johnny Billquist bqt at update.uu.se
Tue Apr 25 05:35:53 AEST 2006

Nice to hear you have a working system.
As for transfer... Well, there are several ways.

DECnet (if you have it).
TCP/IP (if you have it).
Tapes (if both machine have tape drives)
Disks (both could have SCSI for instance)

So it very much depends on what hardware and software you have.
Also, if you plan on using the Osprey (which the mail almost hints at), 
I think they have the option of hooking up the old disks to the Osprey 
as well.

And then of course, you can ship the disks, or tape backups to someone 
who can do the conversion for you. Me for instance. It's also a question 
of time, money and safety issues involved.

Let me know if you want more help.


Jacques Wagener wrote:
> Hi there !
> Over december last year I had my first wonderful expierence with a
> micro-pdp11 running Micro-RSX.
> In actual fact I haven't tried much, only a complete reinstall of the
> system(which was unecessary, because I've got backup tapes !).
> But still an amazing moment.
> What I wanted to ask is, in what manner would one transfer old
> data/programs/source code from an old
> hard-drive/tapes/floppy to more modern drives etc. I basically need to
> transfer controller-programs over to x86( Everything works, I believe, but
> old hardware is scares) where I want to connect a modern pdp11-interface
> card.
> Thanking you in advance
> Jacques Wagener
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