[pups] gcc-.3.4.6 for pdp11

Michael Davidson michael_davidson at pacbell.net
Sun Apr 30 01:29:56 AEST 2006

Bill Cunningham wrote:

>    Does anyone know how to compile gcc-3.4.6 for the pdp11? I use
>the --target=pdp11 switch and the compiler runs for awhile then breaks. The
>output says it's bulding for a pdp11-unknown something so there maybe
>something I'm not using.
Building gcc as a cross compiler can be quite challenging.

Dan Kegel has put together a set of scripts which largely automate the 
and which can be found at http://www.kegel.com/crosstool/

Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) pdp11 is not on of the targets 
by crosstool, but you might still find it useful as an illustration of 
the kinds of
things that may need to be done.

Michael Davidson

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