[pups] gcc-.3.4.6 for pdp11

Bill Gunshannon bill at cs.uofs.edu
Sun Apr 30 02:00:39 AEST 2006

Before people devote too much effort to flogging a dead horse, I,
too, have recently tried to build a gcc cross-compiler for the
PDP-11 with no success.  I have not seen a version that worked
since GCC 2.something.  It is possible that changes to GCC have
broken the PDP-11 code and that no one is keeping it up.  I would
love to hear otherwise if anyone has successfully built a pdp-11
cross compiler using anything vaguely current.


> Hello!
> Bill? What are you building this on? If it's a Linux host, then check
> your sources. They are required to provide them. I should also add
> that the embedded tool providers should have notes on those steps. Oh
> and while your at it, you could show us the complete listing of your
> attempts.
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>>     Does anyone know how to compile gcc-3.4.6 for the pdp11? I use
>> the --target=pdp11 switch and the compiler runs for awhile then
> breaks. The
>> output says it's bulding for a pdp11-unknown something so there
> maybe
>> something I'm not using.
>> Bill
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