[TUHS] "Preliminary Relase of UNIX Implentation Document"

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Tue Apr 25 05:40:24 AEST 2006


here is a note from Dennis about the history of the documents
that I've just put up on bitsavers


The manual is the 1st edition, a scan of which has been available at
in various forms (all renditions of the same scan) for a while.

However, the annotated OS and software scan is new to me  This is
a medium-age version of the assembler system for the
PDP 11/20,  and is apparently without an MMU.  A good find!
There were subsequent assembler versions for the (DEC Special Systems)
11/20 with an MMU and then for a while for the 11/45;
the first C version would appear late summer of 1973.

    Regards and thanks,

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