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Understood. This is one of the novels that BBC Press is presenting to the
many fans. It takes place during the 1980s, which is when the PDP-11 design
was king, and the DG Nova-4 and Eclipse (MVIII I think) was trying to unseat

 It's also an interesting exploration into the hacking community that was
just beginning to emerge and still exists today, with the crackers taking
over from the hackers, and hackers doing what they do best; spend all day
and sometimes all night working on a problem. Now if anyone actually wants
the title and year it came out, please ask off list.

As I said before, it features the Sixth Doctor. I think I know which one you
mean, I do know there was a mini involved in "Inferno" which did feature Jon
Pertwee. Which naturally isn't the one you're thinking of.

And now back to our regularly scheduled discussions and arguments.
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>     Actually  what I meant Gregg was Jon Pertwee was the Doctor back in
> '60s which is the time period you were referring to, and Troughton too I
> guess. That reminds me of an episode called "The time..." something or
> with Roger Delgado. They were trying to do something with some type of
> computer obviously an old mini of some type and some anciet artifact.
> were toggle switches and lights. Otherwise it certainly didn't look like
> PDP that I've ever seen in pictures. Just to get close to one of those old
> things would be breathtaking. Before my time though.
> Bill
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