[TUHS] booting vanilla v7 on simh problem

Abel abel at damimi.org
Sat Dec 9 00:47:45 AEST 2006

While looking for virgin/vanilla v6 and v7 tapes to boot on simh, I'm kinda stuck.
And since simh mailing list wasn't much help, cuz seems there mostly vax/vms guys,
maybe it's someone here to help me out.
V6.tape from Ken Wellsch was quite easy to boot, by cutting three rk images directly
from it by means of "dd", then booting the root image and mounting source and doc
where it should belong. Also it boots nicely in more traditional way off the
tape by using "ltap" script from "www.ba-stuttgart.de/~helbig/os" and then following
the standard install procedure for v6.
The same "ltap" set of commands or it's slightly shorter version like this one:

d 100000 012700
d 100002 172526
d 100004 010040
d 100006 012740
d 100010 060003
d 100012 172522
d 100014 105737
d 100016 172522
d -h 100020 80FD
d 100022 005007
run 100000

boots "catted" in one file Keith Bostic v7 bits of tape, up to the


promt. But when calling mkfs or restor programs by "tm(0,3)" or "tm(0,4)",
the simh just hangs indefinitely. Can someone explain what I'm doing wrong maybe?
	Thank you.

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