[TUHS] AT+T UNIX PC Information needed

Duncan Anderson duncangareth at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Feb 19 01:25:35 AEST 2006

On Saturday, 18 February 2006 16:34, Brantley Coile wrote:
> The tree you're barking up has fruit.  I know the schematics are
> out there.  I used to have a set, but have since lost them.
> I've used several 7300s.  The hardware was designed by convergent
> technologies.  It has a wonky graphics interface because of a poor
> choice of a monitor.
> There should be simple power converters to give you 120v at 60 Hz.
> The 7300 was used as a console for some of the AT&T PBXs, so there was
> a lot of them made.  They had the bigest expansion slots I have ever
> seen, going almost the entire depth of the box, which was too deep.
> Key action on the keyboard was nice.  The unicomp keyboad that I now
> use has similar action.
> If AT&T had put some version of Unix other than System V, there might
> have been life in the old girl.  The UNIX PC and the DMD terminals had
> this myopic corporate protectionism in common.  I always thought that
> if the DMD5620 had been cheaper and they had had OS support for BSD as
> well as System V, the history of computing would have been very
> different.  I couldn't get my boss to pay $6K for a terminal when the
> average price for a nice terminal was $1K.  If he had let me buy one,
> I then would have had to port the support code.  Compilers, the Mux
> communiction protocol, all the programs that ran in the terminal,
> would have had to be change to run under the non-System V system that
> we were using at the time.  AT&T's decisions during the period
> displayed a persistant lack of undertanding marketing.  If the
> customer came first, they would have supported the OS customers
> wanted.
As it happens, I have all the original software that came with the beastie. 
I'm not sure if it's OK, but the hard drive is loaded, anyway, since a friend 
had it running a BBS about 13 years ago.

I think it's System V Release 3.0 or thereabout


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