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> whilst looking around the bitsavers.org pdf archive, I
> found a document called
> PreliminaryUnixImplementationDocument_Jun72.pdf.
> Having had a quick scan through, it contains a source
> code listing and some commentary (lions i hear you
> say).

No, not Lions. The author is listed on the first page as one T. R.  

> The strange thing is that all of the source code
> appears to be in assembler...

yup. This would be an early pdp11 UNIX from the period before the  
rewrite in C.

> whats this about?

It appears to be a listing of an assembly language version of an  
early UNIX kernel for the pdp11 in the pages labelled E*-*; the pages  
F*-* are a commentary; G*-* is a glossary of terms used; H*-*  
contains a description of each function in the kernel with complete  
details of each function.

> is it a comentary of PDP-7 unix?
It's (Bell Labs flavor) pdp11 assembly language.
> regards
> Martin

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