[pups] Major/minor device numbers and device names for MSCP drives?

Robert Armstrong bob at jfcl.com
Tue Jun 20 00:51:56 AEST 2006

>Jochen Kunz wrote:
>The disks are numbered in the same order as they are found.

  Is it safe to assume that drives are always discovered in ascending unit
number order, starting with the first controller and continuing with the
second ?

  Is there any utility that will examine the running system and tell you
which drives and units were actually discovered?

  init will say something like "ra 0 at ...." and "ra 1 at ...", but that's
talking about controllers.  AFAIK it says nothing about the drives

  Sorry to complain, but it seems like it can be a little bit ambiguous as
to whether BSD actually discovered the drives you think it should have.
This is especially true if you have something like a SCSI controller where
it may not be immediately obviously which drives are online or what their
MSCP unit numbers are.

  And it's important to know which actual disk drive you're writing on :-)


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