[TUHS] Unix, eunuchs?

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>> Hi,
>> last week a work mate told us a tale about how Unix came to its
>> name. He believes that Unix is named after the term eunuch (a
>> homophone of (to?) unix in english language). One can see Unix as a
>> castrated successor of Multics. Hmmm, I am interested in Unix history
>> for several years now, but I haven't heard about that before. It is
>> really a tale I guess. Any clear words about this topic?
>> Michael
>     I know Dennis have said pretty clearly that Unix is a pun on Multics
> that the team really never got to start on because Bell changed there minds.
> Ken continued with Unix which must've been his idea. In assembly first then
> B. Dennis came up with C and its lasted down through the years.
that sounds familiar to me. The same story is told in 'A quarter
century of Unix' and other sources.


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