[TUHS] original vi under Linux?

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Wed Nov 29 06:22:15 AEST 2006

Lyndon Nerenberg scripsit:

> I haven't tried building it on Linux, but they claim wide platform 
> portability

I can't say how it works as a 'vi', because I am an 'ex' troglodyte.
As an 'ex', it works fine under Linux (much better than 'vim' does), and
in fact I am editing this very reply with it.  The definition of INSTALL
in the Makefile (there is no configure script) is '/usr/ucb/install',
which needs to be changed to just 'install'.

It also builds and runs excellently under Cygwin with the above
change plus removing the 'size' command from the Makefile, which is
not necessary.

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