[pups] Two matters, two questions

Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Thu May 10 21:42:55 AEST 2007

I've just finished reading Peter Salus' "A Quarter Century of Unix", and this 
time round, I was brought up short by the comments on Prime, Primos and The 
Software Tools.

Has anyone done a simulator/emulator of the Prime?  (I must confess, a 
hardware architecture that's described as a cross between a GE-645 and the 
Intel 80286, not only intrigues me, it also makes my toes curl. ;)

Has anyone attempted to get a copy of PrimOS for such a simulator/emulator?  
And if one was to attempt such a feat, where would one go?

And Spafford says, commenting on Prime's version of Software Tools, that the 
final release was into the public domain.  Is it still extant?  Has anyone 
seen hair or hide of the creature?

That's the first matter/question.  The second one is to do with /rdb, which a 
quick search on Google informs me, was written by Walter V. Hobbs of Rand 
Corp., and was placed in the public domain.  It apparently is at:
but I can't get through to it.

Is there any copy of it extant at some site where I can get through to it?  
(I'm aware there is a software publisher that sells a more up-to-date version 
of it, but I'd like to play with the original  and bring it up to date 
myself ;)


Wesley Parish
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