[pups] Suitable PDP11s, in the UK

Gregg Levine gregg.drwho8 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 00:15:26 AEST 2007

On 11/2/07, Tim Bradshaw <tfb at tfeb.org> wrote:
> On 2 Nov 2007, at 10:34, Wesley Parish wrote:
> > I'm thinking this would be the way to solve this sort of problem in
> > one fell
> > swoop, if as I suspect is likely, it is impossible to find a
> > working and
> > available PDP-11 in the UK.
> It's a cool idea, but I think it depends.  That would be a bit like
> making a vintage car.  People do that (even without the intention to
> fake them - there are, I think, many more type 35 Bugattis in
> existence than were ever made), but sometimes you want a vintage car,
> or computer, because it's vintage.
> --tim (owner of a vintage car, but also owner of an electronic enigma
> replica...)

There is just such a textbook, I've read it. However as luck would
have it today I can not remember its title. It might be the one that
MSResearch remembers, but its unlikely at best.
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