[pups] Any comments on this (was Re: Suitable PDP11s, in the UK)

Fragula fragula at hyperdark.org
Tue Nov 13 23:57:47 AEST 2007

robinb at ruffnready.co.uk wrote:

>Hi Tim,
>It's probably got an RD53 in it.  An RD52 would be right for a box starting out as a 23 but I wouldn't have thought that you could get a workable unix on the system with only a 52.  The problem is that 53s are not the most reliable of hard discs.
>I haven't forgotten you, I still need to go to the second lockup to find out what I've got stashed.
Mmmm.. I must get around to doing something with my RD51/RX50AA and *no
ethernetted MicroPDP11/23. It's got MicroRSX on at the mo and, apart
from an occasionally RAM fault that seems to float around occastionally,
its in perfect nick. (its only been doing heat and blow-dry duties in my
bedroom for the last 14 years;-)

I suppose I'll have to upgrade the hard disk somehow.. Got a known-good
ST-225 with a 512B/Sector LL format kicking around. (oh.. i have a great
attic.. :-) though I expect I'll have to reformat and DECcify them
somehow.. <sigh>

The silver lining there being that I can put the MicroRSX RD51 in "a
safe place" for posterity.. no other reason really. I'm kinda reluctant
to erase it.

Then it's finding what ethernet will fitt the bill w. BSD and the
u11/23. NDG without networking.

Ohh.. And I have to find a way to interface an ex-Vax TK-50 with the
Micro 11/23 too.

Helpfull post, or amusing yarns, welcome.



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