[Unix-jun72] assembling ux.s

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Tue Apr 29 11:33:25 AEST 2008

I am trying out apout using the "1972_stuff" binaries.  When using
"as" to assemble "ux" (e10-01 through e10-02) it gives an error
"m 0024" (multiply-defined label) for the line:

     mount:    .=.+1024.

I assume this is because the assembler has predefined the "mount"
system call (I ran across this earlier when using my system call
table sys.s with ux with the v7 assembler).

We can work around this (ie. use the v7 assembler without the definition
for "mount"), but it worries me a little -- why does the listing
have such an obvious and large flaw?  The symbol "mount" is used
in several places, so this isn't likely to be a small typo.  I can't
think of a good explanation as to why this error would exist in the
listing other than possibly pointing to another assembler being used.

Tim Newsham

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