[TUHS] /usr/bin/bs on HPUX?

Jason Stevens neozeed at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 00:29:49 AEST 2008

I just fired up my copy of 4.2 on simh....

4.2 BSD UNIX (myname)
login: root
Last login: Thu Sep  8 19:45:39 on console
4.2 BSD UNIX #3: Thu Sep 8 08:46:54 PDT 1983
Would you like to play a game?
You have mail.
Don't login as root, use su
myname# cd /bin
myname# ls bs
bs not found
myname# which bs
no bs in /etc /usr/ucb /bin /usr/bin /usr/local /usr/hosts .
myname# man bs
No manual entry for bs.

Sorry that wasn't much help.....
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