[TUHS] Old UNIX Filesystems with FUSE

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Thu Dec 18 20:14:03 AEST 2008


Warren Toomey writes: 

>   As for portability, yes, I have kept AncientFS limited to the cross
>   platform FUSE API (MacFUSE supports much more than the FUSE API). So,
>   it should work on other FUSE implementations with few changes.

I've modified the code so compiles on FreeBSD but dlsym() still does not 

root at nudel ancientfs> ./ancientfs --type v7 --dmg v7_rl02_1145 /mnt/tmp
Undefined symbol "unixfs_v7"
invalid file system type v7
Exit 255 

dlsym() is kinda new to me so I'm a bit lost... 

I've uploaded a diff to the svn checkout which is mentioned on Amits page 


The changes are
 - casting to satisfy %llu and %lu printf
 - Makefile adjustments
 - enhance endian checks to support BYTE_ORDER
 - work around undefined OSSwap functions

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