[TUHS] SysIII/PDP-11 on SIMH (was Re: Introduction)

Jose R. Valverde jrvalverde at cnb.csic.es
Mon Jul 7 19:25:26 AEST 2008

This is puzzling me... so I decided to check whether I could somehow reproduce
the problem here assuming your compiler derives from the one in System-III.

So, I have installed System III on SIMH from the tapes in TUHS. Silly me, I
didn't realize that I was using the ones for PDP-11 and so they are probably
farther from the WEGA than the tapes for VAX.

Still, while remaining within 16 bits, it seems like I can sort of reproduce
some similar behavior on the PDP-11 System-III. If I find some spare time I
will try to install SysIII on the VAX simulator as well and see if that works

For the curious, I started off Hellwig Geisse's distro of V7 on PDP-11


and succeeded to install mini-root. Then I had to use an intermediate V7
to restore from tape the tar archive of the full file system. After a few
extra changes, I got System III apparently up and running (at least reaches
single user and compiles itself).

I don't know if there is any additional interest on this, but should it be
I can make the UNIX System III distribution with instructions available for
anybody interested.

This distro comes with instructions AND a working system image, hence it
is big, much bigger than Geisse's V7, but for today's standards it is a
paltry 35M.


On Sun, 6 Jul 2008 18:14:19 +0200
Oliver Lehmann <lehmann at ans-netz.de> wrote:
> Hmmmm
> but still:
> Jose R. Valverde wrote:
> > > 	saddr_t aux;
> > > 
> > > 	aux.l = (caddr_t) uap->linkname;
> > > 	u.u_dirp.l = (caddr_t) ((long) aux.l & 0x7F00FFFF);
> ldl	rr2,rr8(#4)
> ldl	|_stkseg+~L1+8|(fp),rr2
> and	r2,#32512
> ldl	_u+78,rr2
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