[Unix-jun72] ocr'd e03

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Thu May 1 05:24:50 AEST 2008

> Can you show me how you are running it?  (and feel free to cc the list)

(I think its mentioned in an earlier post already).  I copy the
files to my 7ed system (make a tar, put it on a tape image, and
attach it in simh, then tar x to get contents).  Probably easier
if you're using apout and local filesystem...  I'm using the following
script (in my tools but not checked in because I'm using nonstandard

    (cd rebuilt; gtar -O -cf ../u.tar u?.s)
    ./conv2 -o tape.tm u.tar
    cp tape.tm ~/work/simh/unix-v7-4/run/

Anyway to assemble I run:

     as - sys.s u0.s u1.s ux.s

btw, I noticed some unicode characters in the files you committed.
I havent' had a chance to spend time editing it yet..  The ocr
often uses unicode for things like "-".

> I think there is a binary format.  I think I figured it out once and
> wrote something to turn an a.out into it.  hmmm.  I'll go digging.

a.out is so simple, it wouldnt be hard to reproduce if we had to.

> I checked in the missing pages from e3, e4 and e8.  I have not tried
> to assemble them yet, however.

I noticed that.  Thank you.

> -brad

Tim Newsham

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