[Unix-jun72] ocr'd e03

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Thu May 1 06:43:55 AEST 2008

Tim Newsham wrote:
>> Can you show me how you are running it?  (and feel free to cc the list)
>(I think its mentioned in an earlier post already).  I copy the
>files to my 7ed system (make a tar, put it on a tape image, and
>attach it in simh, then tar x to get contents).  Probably easier

Interesting.  and authentic! :-)  I am too lazy and used apout with
a v7 tree.  I used this script:

export APOUT_ROOT=/backup/raid2/pdp11/v7
W="$R/u0.s $R/u1.s $R/u2.s $R/u3.s $R/u4.s $R/u5.s $R/u6.s $R/u7.s $R/u8.s $R/u9.s"
apout /backup/raid2/pdp11/v7/bin/as ./sys1.s $W $R/ux.s

Which seems to work pretty well.

>btw, I noticed some unicode characters in the files you committed.

yes, sorry.  I think just committed fixed for all of them.

>The ocr often uses unicode for things like "-".

Yes, that's exactly what it did.  Took me a bit to figure that out since
they look very similar.

I also did a bunch of clean up of existing pages (probably should wait for
someone to review them but what the heck).  Mostly simple ocr errors.

I'm not sure we need to define the system traps; some (like mkdir) collide.
I turned off the def for now.

Also, some of the registers for math (mq, ac) don't seem to be defined
by the v7 as.  Not sure how that works to be honest (fp & mult are
beyond my pdp-11 knowledge).

It's closer now.  Still some editing to be done and some missing pages,
but closer.


Brad Parker
Heeltoe Consulting

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