[Unix-jun72] more corrections

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Fri May 2 04:15:14 AEST 2008

> Ahh, that makes sense.  So if we build with the 1ed "as" then those
> first few lines should be commented out since they will be occupied
> by the a.out header.  Ahh!  yess, it makes sense, e00-02 has
> a section at orig+400 "copy in transfer fectors" where those
> vectors are overwritten during startup.
> We really should try building with the 1ed assembler.  I think a simple
> sed s/mount/xmount/ over the whole sources will probably fix the mount
> label issue.

I adjusted my tools/dumpaout.py appropriately and tested with the 1ed
assembler.  If you sed all the files to s/mount/xmount/ it builds just
fine with 1ed "as" and the a.out header is indeed 6 bytes long and
is included in the text segment...  Everything is lining up..

So, I think those comment characters belong in the u0 sources, although
will have to be removed when compiling with a more recent assembler.

Tim Newsham

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