[Unix-jun72] more corrections

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Fri May 2 03:54:29 AEST 2008

On Thu, 1 May 2008, Brad Parker wrote:
> I believe the V7 headers are 16 bytes and the text section starts at zero.
> (heh, memory management)
> The v1 headers are 12 bytes and the text section starts at 014 (i.e. the
> header is part of the text section and *it* begins at zero, not the code)
> So, if we assemble with the v7 as we need to adjust things a bit.

Ahh, that makes sense.  So if we build with the 1ed "as" then those
first few lines should be commented out since they will be occupied
by the a.out header.  Ahh!  yess, it makes sense, e00-02 has
a section at orig+400 "copy in transfer fectors" where those
vectors are overwritten during startup.

We really should try building with the 1ed assembler.  I think a simple 
sed s/mount/xmount/ over the whole sources will probably fix the mount 
label issue.

> -brad

Tim Newsham

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