[Unix-jun72] OCR of PreliminaryUnixImplementationDocument_Jun72.pdf

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Sat May 3 04:40:15 AEST 2008

>> also you have "read" commented out of sys1.s?
> yes, I think it has to be for this asm.

There was previously a "read:" in u6.s, but it turned out to be
a typo for "readi".  I think its safe to use "read" now.

Btw, I built from latest sources and installed into simh and
ran and got some action on rf0 but I don't see any non-zero bytes
in the image after running.  It ended up in panic.  Is it possible
you have some changes that arent checked in?

I am using the clean sources with the addition of "read" in sys1.s,
an extra line of "4;4;unkni;0;fpsym;0" in u0.s and "cold = 1" instead
of zero.  My simh config is:

set cpu 11/20
set cpu 32K
set rk3 enabled
att rk3 rk0.dsk
set rf 2p
set rf enabled
attach rf rf0.dsk
set tc enabled
att tc tape.tc
set hk disabled
set rha disabled
set tm disabled
set rx disabled
set rl disabled
set tq disabled
set tc enabled
set rf enabled
set ke enabled
set cpu history=1000
d pc 400
[... lots of lines to deposit a.out into memory...]

I built as "as - sys1.s u?.s".

I run with "go" and then after the first halt "go" again.  Hitting
^E after waiting a while shows that its looping in panic.

> -brad

Tim Newsham

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