[Unix-jun72] OCR of PreliminaryUnixImplementationDocument_Jun72.pdf

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Sat May 3 04:50:08 AEST 2008

Tim Newsham wrote:
>There was previously a "read:" in u6.s, but it turned out to be
>a typo for "readi".  I think its safe to use "read" now.

ah ok, thanks.

>Btw, I built from latest sources and installed into simh and
>ran and got some action on rf0 but I don't see any non-zero bytes
>in the image after running.  It ended up in panic.  Is it possible
>you have some changes that arent checked in?

I don't think so, but I'll check.  I think all I did was set cold=1
and rebuilt.  Make sure you use my "eae" version of simh.

I'm building with the v7 asm and using "ml" to process the a.out

>I am using the clean sources with the addition of "read" in sys1.s,
>an extra line of "4;4;unkni;0;fpsym;0" in u0.s and "cold = 1" instead
>of zero.

yes, that seems right.

>set cpu 11/20
>set cpu 32K
>set rk3 enabled
>att rk3 rk0.dsk
>set rf 2p
>set rf enabled
>attach rf rf0.dsk
>set tc enabled
>att tc tape.tc
>set hk disabled
>set rha disabled
>set tm disabled
>set rx disabled
>set rl disabled
>set tq disabled
>set tc enabled
>set rf enabled
>set ke enabled
>set cpu history=1000
>d pc 400
>[... lots of lines to deposit a.out into memory...]

That looks ok.  I don't have tc setup, but that should not matter.

>I built as "as - sys1.s u?.s".

same here, but I don't add the "-" (not sure what that does)

>I run with "go" and then after the first halt "go" again.  Hitting
>^E after waiting a while shows that its looping in panic.

Try "det rf".  I noticed that the RF device is buffered in ram
and I'm not sure it gets flushed until you detach.


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