[Unix-jun72] ... in case you wanted to play along.

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Sat May 3 07:03:01 AEST 2008

Here's the current status on how to use the files:

   - svn to the latest version
   - install v7 binaries somewhere (ie /tmp/v7)
   - install apout somewhere (ie /tmp/apout2.3alpha2)
   - update paths in tools/assemv7
   - compile tools/ml.c into tools/ml
   - build simh's pdp11 emulator using brad's patches at
     install into tools/pdp11
   - run ./tools/assemv7 to make files in build/*
   - run ./simh.cfg to run the emulator
   - type "go" to start it
   - type "go" at the first halt to continue writing over your rf0 disk
   - after waiting for a while, type control-e and then "det rf" and
     then "quit"
   - you should now have some data written over your rf0.dsk image.

Next steps:

   - continue debugging the cold boot process.  This should eventually
     let us install a full root disk image from the kernel and a
     tape construct with 1972_stuff s2 /bin and /etc files.
   - get a working mkfs and use it to build and populate the rk03 disk
     with the 1972_stuff s2 /usr files.
   - continue debugging the kernel to boot the rf0 disk and mount the
     rk03 disk on /usr.

Tim Newsham

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