[Unix-jun72] UNIX running up to init, I think

James A. Markevitch jam at magic.com
Sat May 3 09:51:09 AEST 2008

Hey guys.

I saw the thread about the assembler doing divide by 2 the wrong way.
I took a look at my assembler and it had a similar bug.  I fixed my
assembler, then ran the code again.

It correctly writes the RF11 image (as best as I can tell), then reads
/etc/init into the user area and executes it.  I left the TC11 disabled
on my run and it panics when /etc/init tries to read the tape.

To double-check, I ran the warm boot and it successfully gets into
the /etc/init user code as well, so I'm pretty confident the image
is right.

As far as I can tell, the source code I sent out this morning has no
problems.  Most likely, you guys are fighting assembler and/or other
tool issues.

I'll cobble together a bootable RF11 image (assuming that there really
are no kernel problems) and send out a copy of that.  Once everyone
has that, they should be able to continue generating tapes and RK03
images of other executables, etc.  I can include a copy of the
assembler listing file for both warm and cold boots so that everyone
can have a reference while they are debugging.

I've also got the M792 boot (from the documentation) as well as an
untested bos.s.  If those work, then the RF11 image I send out will
be pretty close to authentic.  Otherwise, you will still need to load
the kernel into core with the "load" command.

James Markevitch

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