[Unix-jun72] login prompt!

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Sat May 3 13:47:47 AEST 2008

> Yay, it works!

Its not easy to think of what's next in the excitement, but here goes
a shot:

    - I don't see any mount utility in the s2 bits, we'll need one.
    - we should get the /usr stuff onto the rk03 disk and get it mounted
    - we should see how hard it is to get the serial ttys working.
      It sounds like getting a hack working in simh might not be too
      hard, but to get it integrated back in they probably want something
      robust.  Perhaps having 1ed around will give someone the motivation
      to get dc11 support in simh?
    - I thought "as" wouldn't work, but it seems to be trying to run
      it.  If possible we should investigate what is necessary to get
      the system to build its own kernel and its own tape.
    - we should investigate the original boot process and see how
      much of it would be possible to restore and determine if its
      worth the effort.
    - there's a bunch of file fragments in the 1972_stuff that might
      prove useful.  It sounds like Warren has started to think about
      how to triage these.  This might be a bit of effort.

    - at some point we should probably put together some kind of package
      for others who want to run the system in simh.  I'm not really
      sure what this should look like and perhaps its a bit early to talk
      about it...  Maybe two sets - a set of rf0 and rk0 images with
      a kernel that can run instantly, and a set with a cold kernel,
      a normal kernel and a tape image?

any thoughts?  anything I missed?

Tim Newsham

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