[Unix-jun72] Another reorganisation suggestion

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Mon May 5 10:03:04 AEST 2008

> early C compilers to work. Could I suggest that we make a src/ directory
> in svn, which will hold any source code that produces V1/V2 executables?

Sure.  just make the directory and add files to it and "svn add dir"
or "svn mkdir dir" and start adding files.  Either way, once you commit
it'll get pushed up.

> Which of course implies that we might need to rename rebuilt/ to sys/  :-)

I'm fine renaming things..  the early names were just kind of ad hoc.
though "rebuilt" should probably be named "clean" and the "build"
directory that has the patches applied should probably be "sys".

> 	Warren

Tim Newsham

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