[Unix-jun72] Import V1 filesystem trees into svn?

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Tue May 6 12:48:46 AEST 2008

> I think it would be a good idea to import the V1 / and /usr filesystem from
> the s2 tape into the subversion repository, so that we can write a tools/
> script to build "known good" rf0.dsk and rk1.dsk disk images.

The rf0 disk is pretty manageable.  The rk0 disk is 2.5M and might
be a little big for putting into the SVN (download 2.5M any time
someone makes any changes to it)...   If its something that isn't
going to change, perhaps just putting "known good" disk images up
on the website would be better.  The google site lets us have a download
section, and then there's always TUHS...

I think the bigger question here is what do we want the standard disk
image to look like?  Are we building rf0 with s2/bin and s2/etc only?
Should it have the jun72 init on it?  the jun72 sh?  A "mount" utility?

Is rk0 a clean copy of s2/usr?  What about the files that mkfs can't
currently put on the system due to size?  What about file permissions?
Are we going to restore the old s2 permissions?  Will there be any
new versions or hacks applied?

Do we want to put up prebuilt kernels?  If so, which patches, if any,
should be applied?  If we put up a cold kernel I imagine we also want
to put up a tape to build rf0, and the same questions apply.

I imagine we want to have a script that autogenerates each of the
images that we intend to put up.

> 	Warren

Tim Newsham

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