[Unix-jun72] File ownerships

Tim Newsham newsham at lava.net
Wed May 7 03:13:21 AEST 2008

> Now, I know that ken worked on the Fortran compiler, Joe Ossanna (jfo)
> wrote roff, and in V6 & V7, ken had uid 6 and dmr had uid 7. So I
> propose the following:
> - add ken == 6, dmr == 7, jfo == 4 to /etc/passwd and /etc/uids, as
>   new files in fs/new. Thus jfo will own /bin/roff and ken will own
>   /bin/cal
> - modify the permissions file so that the Fortran files which are
>   uid 28 become uid 6 == ken.
> Sound reasonable?

I don't mind some files being left "unowned", but if you're fairly
sure that the new ownership assignments reflected reality I'm not
opposed to having them changed in our patched system.

> 	Warren

Tim Newsham

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