[Unix-jun72] T4002A

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Sat May 10 05:40:35 AEST 2008

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            M. Warner Losh <imp at bsdimp.com> writes:
: In message: <2F53B3D5-9ADD-4708-A503-5897F9BCCB98 at uwlax.edu>
:             Milo Velimirovic <milov at uwlax.edu> writes:
: : I worked with a successor device the Tektronix 4010. It's a storage  
: : scope that doubles as a terminal. It ought to be easy enough to  
: : emulate the alphanumeric part of this with a terminal but the  
: : graphical capabilities would be a challenge -- especially if  
: : portability was an issue. But if it wasn't challenging it wouldn't be  
: : interesting or any fun....
: IIRC, the good news here is that the Tektronix terminal was just a
: serial attached device that did its drawing with escape sequences that
: are well documented/understood.  Many early X terminal emulators has a
: tektronix mode, for example.  That makes emulation a little easier.
: I hope that the 4002A is one of these beasts.  I recall seeing it on
: an emulation list for a tektronix emulator I worked with in the early
: 1990's, but it has been long enough that the neurons may have
: decayed...

Pictures of the real thing:


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