[Unix-jun72] UNIX V1 bootstrap

Doug Merritt doug at remarque.org
Sun May 18 13:23:48 AEST 2008

Warren wrote:
> I'm going to take a "devil's advocate" stance here, and argue to keep the
> existing "as" binary untouched.

As first priority, certainly. We want to preserve original
data for posterity.

As second priority, there may be several possibilities.

A best-guess reconstruction of an approximation of V1
is one such additional possibility. Interpolation based
on noisy data sources is a time honored practice -- as
long as one carefully differentiates the results from
pristinely clean data.

I don't see one kind of reconstruction as inherently better
or worse than another kind; it depends on what the goal is.

I think Apout, for instance, is a *really* nice variation
on the usual approach of a closed-world simulation.

And certainly there are sharp limits on what we have available
right *now*, but I would be quite cautious about saying "never".
Additional data sources may become available; who knows.
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