[Unix-jun72] UNIX V1 bootstrap

James A. Markevitch jam at magic.com
Sun May 18 16:18:56 AEST 2008

> > For building under UNIX itself, there are a variety of strategies.  Here
> > is my list, in order of preference:
> > 
> > 2. Modify the V2 assembler to produce V1 binaries.
> I'm going to take a "devil's advocate" stance here, and argue to keep the
> existing "as" binary untouched.

In any event, the msys2.s will work to install a V2-assembled kernel
into the boot area.

I've sent a new copy of the boot directory and fs/usr/boot to Warren and
Tim to install.  msys2.s is now the program to use to install the bootstrap
and the fs/usr/boot/unix.out file is a copy of build/a.out.

This means that if the kernel is assembled using the V2 assembler under
UNIX V1 itself, then the a.out from that assembly can be used directly
by msys2 to install into the boot area.

James Markevitch

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