[TUHS] [Unix-jun72] Update on UNIX V1 OCR

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Thu May 1 20:46:38 AEST 2008

"James A. Markevitch" wrote:
>Since this OCR is independent of the other work that has been done, a
>diff should provide an opportunity to fix any errors in the comments
>that would not have been caught by the assembler.
>Is there a place to upload this without a Google account?  The assembler
>listing is about 416K.

If you email me a tar file (or zip) I can put it on my website.  I can
receive email up to about 10mb. If it's larger than that I can set up
with an ftp account.

I'd also be happy to write a script to diff the files.

>I wrote much of the bootstrap code a few weeks ago, so it ought to be
>straightforward to get this up and running under simulation.

yes - I found a program I wrote a while back which takes an a.out and
turns it into a simh "load format".  With that it's pretty easy to load
and go in simh.

The v1 man pages explain the "bos" load setup and give the rf bootstrap
code.  It should be pretty easy to boot up a "cold" version which preps
the RF. I'm not sure about loading the file system from dectape however,
but who knows, even that might be possible.


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