[TUHS] [Unix-jun72] Update on UNIX V1 OCR

James A. Markevitch jam at magic.com
Fri May 2 02:36:42 AEST 2008

> >Since this OCR is independent of the other work that has been done, a
> >diff should provide an opportunity to fix any errors in the comments
> >that would not have been caught by the assembler.
> >
> >Is there a place to upload this without a Google account?  The assembler
> >listing is about 416K.
> If you email me a tar file (or zip) I can put it on my website.  I can
> receive email up to about 10mb. If it's larger than that I can set up
> with an ftp account.

A compressed .tar.gz won't be very large.  I can send it along when I get
home late this evening.  It's got 100% of the kernel source pages, so
it should be able to fill in any holes.

> I'd also be happy to write a script to diff the files.

"diff -b" works fine, as does tkdiff :-).

James Markevitch

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