[pups] 2.11BSD Patch 446+447; fixes for ulrem,umount,tar,tcsh,ps,vmstat,apropos,pstat,rk

Walter F. Mueller w.f.j.mueller at gsi.de
Mon Jan 5 03:49:02 AEST 2009

A note to all 2.11bsd users:
Over the past 2 years several bug fixes for 2.11BSD accumulated, and over
xmas break I finally found the time to communicate them to Steven Schultz.
Steven was so kind to package them into two new patch files
    446   issued December 27, 2008
    447   issued December 31, 2008

Together, the patches address the following points
  - ulrem.s: the unsigned long modulo operator (%) was broken in libkern
  - umount: returned inverted exit codes (1 for success, 0 for failure)
  - tar: core dumped when a whole /usr tree was archived
  - tcsh: the time buildin function printed some erroneous or zero statistics
  - ps: core dumped when '-t' option was used with no further argument
  - apropos: core dumped when 2 or more arguments were given
  - vmstat: wrong normalization for some fields
  - several issues around the rk disk driver
    - no rk root attach function
    - no rk BOOTDEV support
    - incorrect UCB_METER code (vmstat/iostat never showed any rk activity)
    - autoconfig left the RK11 controller in an error state
  - pstat: added additional options to access more kernel data structures
    - new -c option, dumping the coremap
    - new -m option, dumping the ub_map (UNIBUS map)
    - new -b option, dumping the buffer pool table
    - change -s output, gives now full table dump
    - adapt the info's displayed by -T
  - some documentation corrections (vmstat, pstat, tcsh)

Note: In case you wonder, as I did, why 211BSD survived 20 years with a
       broken unsigned long % operator:
       - only the non-FPP libkern implementation was affected
       - the kernel simply doesn't have any unsigned long modulo's :)
       - apparently only standalone mkfs after patch 434 was compromised

For the full story of all the above consult the header of the patch files.

The patch files are available from moe.2bsd.com and ftp.wx.gd-ais.com.
Note, that Steven changed the packaging some time ago, the patches are
now packed in bzip'ed tarballs in groups of ten patches. So you'll have
to look into

     With best regards,
         Walter Mueller

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