[pups] jove editor under 2.11BSD and cursor keys

Walter F. Mueller w.f.j.mueller at gsi.de
Mon Jan 5 06:06:28 AEST 2009


I'm using the jove editor under 2.11BSD, the jove release is
from 1988. It works just fine, except for the cursor keys.
Even though the ansi-codes function is properly bound,
'ESC x describe-bindings' shows:

     ESC [  ansi-codes

I get whenever I hit one of the cursor keys the message

     [ESC O unbound]

TERM is set to vt100, termcap is ok, and the xterm used is
started with -ti vt100. vi for example works and accepts the
cursor keys, a dump of the chars emitted by xterm show that
the proper \[[A ect sequence indeed arrives.

Any help or hint on how to get this to work is very much

			With best regards,
				Walter Mueller

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