[pups] jove editor under 2.11BSD and cursor keys

Johnny Billquist bqt at softjar.se
Wed Jan 7 02:54:01 AEST 2009

And most proper emacs (and clone) users don't use the arrow keys, but 
use ^P, ^N, ^F and ^B. So this particular problem don't show. :-)

Jove is actually a pretty nice Emacs clone. I wonder if I should try to 
port it to RSX...


robinb at ruffnready.co.uk wrote:
> IIRC the version of Jove that is on 2.11 was put on by me back in the late 80s to replace an even earlier version and I used a VT220 at home as opposed to xterm or whatever on a sim.  As a result I was quite happy with using the defaults for whatever was set up for the then available hardware as I used a real PDP with real DEC terminals :-)
> Cheers
> Robin
> PS:  It may have been updated since then I can't really recall.
> W.F.J.Mueller at gsi.de wrote:
>> Johnny Billquist wrote:
>>> Walter F. Mueller wrote:
>>>> ....
>>>> I get whenever I hit one of the cursor keys the message
>>>>      [ESC O unbound]
>>> ... 
>>> Please note the difference between "<ESC>[" and "<ESC>O"... :-)
>>> To give you a little more help: someone or something is changing your
>>> terminal to have application cursor keys.
>>> (And to point out what should be obvious now: your cursor keys can
>>> actually send two different kind of codes, depending on a setup parameter.)
>>>     Johnny
>> Thanks Johnny, that was exactly the problem. jove sets the terminal
>> (or the emulator) into 'Application Cursor Key' and 'Application Keypad'
>> mode. Looking in xterm at the VT Options popup (with CONTROL-MB2) shows
>> this nicely. Binding the 'ansi-codes' function of Jove 4.9 (that's what
>> comes with 2.11BSD) to [O resolves the cursor issue.
>> What I still don't understand is why jove comes with defaults which
>> don't work. It puts the cursor and keypad keys into application mode,
>> which makes perfect sense especially for the keypad, and than looks
>> for [[ rather [O. Probably to make retrocomputing more fun :).
>> 			Thanks and with best regards,	Walter
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