[TUHS] Uwisc4.3 question...

Aharon Robbins arnold at skeeve.com
Tue Mar 24 19:14:19 AEST 2009

> Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 00:53:07 -0400
> From: Jason Stevens <neozeed at gmail.com>
> To: tuhs at minnie.tuhs.org
> Subject: [TUHS] Uwisc4.3 question...
> I went ahead and downloaded this [
> http://www.tuhs.org/Archive/4BSD/Distributions/thirdparty/UWisc4.3/ ],
> made up some tape images and installed it on SIMH...  And what I found
> is that as far as I can tell there is *NO* information about this
> thing..
> All I can find is that it includes the vfs layer from SunOS and it's
> NFS...  It looks like beta software from the root user being "The Not
> Ready for Prime Time Super User".

Does the code actually say "Sun Microsystems"?  If not, then this might have
been the VFS and NFS stuff that got folded back into BSD Reno.

I think there were other schools that ran this. At the same time
as this entry (1989) I was a sysadmin in the computing center
of Emory University and we were running Mt. Xinu's mixture of
4.3 BSD with NFS from Sun, and then later their commercial Unix
on Vax 11/780s, and starting to move to Sparcs running SunOS 4.0.

The comp. center preferred having a vendor with whom there could be
a support contract - IIRC then otherwise we probably would have
been running this too.

Ah, those were the days, when men were real men, and computers
were vaxen. :-)

> FWIW here is the UUCP entry I found...
> ------
> #N    eedsp
> #S    Vax 11/780; 4.3+NFS Wisconsin Unix
> #O    School of Electrical Engineering
> #C    Deborah J. Jackson
> #E    gt-eedsp!deb
> #T    +1 404 894 3058
> #P    School of EE, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, 30332
> #L    84 23 43 W / 33 46 30 N
> #W    eedsp!deb (Deb Jackson); Wed Jul 19 11:35:13 EDT 1989
> ------

I knew Deb Jackson and worked with her a little when we were both at GT
(I was in Information and Computer Science, not EE) and then a lot when
I suggested that the start-up company I was at hire her (which they
did). I've not seen her in around 18 years, nor do I know where she is
now, although presumably she's still in Atlanta somewhere.


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