[TUHS] UNIX turns forty

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Wed May 20 01:21:52 AEST 2009

Jason Stevens scripsit:

> There is also a wealth of information on googles "groups" with
> information from the 1980's taken from usenet backup tapes, it would
> be 'neat' to have them online in some kind of NNTP server that tin or
> pine could actually read... So you could browse this massive
> 'database' of unix knowledge from an ancient unix (well one that has
> either local news with all the google groups, or a TCP enabled
> unix...)

Client-server, as opposed to peer-to-peer, NNTP support is very expensive
and painful at large scale, which is probably why Google doesn't provide
it (disclaimer: I work for them, but not on Groups, and I don't know
anything about Groups that isn't public knowledge).  AFAIK no one has
ever written an event-driven NNTP server that suppots NNTP reader mode;
even innd spawns a separate process when contacted by a non-peer.

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