[TUHS] SYSV & TCP/IP on the VAX...

Jason Stevens neozeed at gmail.com
Wed May 27 10:10:37 AEST 2009

> I doubt it - we (bitkeeper folks) still support sco and it sucks.  It's
> like time stood still and nothing was added.

I guess so... then I was just looking on google, SYSVR4 was released
in 1988.  It's kind of sad to think NOTHING signifigant happened in
the last 20 1/2 years, and that 1988 was the pinical of UNIX...  It
seems the last people pushing UNIX was SUN, but I still haven't heard
what Oracle will do with Solaris 10...  Then again, it's probably just
as well it's been opened up as it may as well die....

Oh well I'll wait for Novell to say what they are going to say... I'm
guessing either "its not for sale at any price", or "$1,000,000 per
cpu".... and probably the not for sale option would be about right.

>> > But why would you want it?  It was a steaming pile of sh*t.
>> Morbid curiosity I guess... seeing as it's basically all but dead.  I
>> guess the SYSV stuff we ran on the 3B2's was more modern, and 'usable'
>> just as SYSVr3 (AIX) certainly was/is.
> The 3b2's were ok.  I liked the ATT Unix PC, 3b1 (?).  My roomate and
> I in college both bought those and did a lot of hacking on them.

I got to hack some STARLAN stuff with Windows for Workgroups then
Windows 95 going back to 3B2's... I'm still kind of amazed they worked
as well as they did...  But the nameless college I was at said "no
ethernet or tokenring"... so we had to do SOMETHING to have the joys
of file/print sharing email etc...  It's kind of funny to look back at

But then I have to confess that I wanted a NeXT cube so bad, that I
ended up running Linux until I could salvage myself a copy of NS
around 2000...  An almost interesting story in itself as a Lucent tech
was dumping it... It was kind of the last place I'd have expected to
get a copy.

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