[TUHS] SYSV & TCP/IP on the VAX...

Lyndon Nerenberg lyndon at orthanc.ca
Wed May 27 10:25:45 AEST 2009

 >I think Lachman (where I was working at the
> time) did a lot of streams based TCP/IP, they may have done one for
> the vax.

Pre-SVR4 it was pretty much Lachman and Wollongong addons for pure  
SYSV releases.

> But why would you want it?  It was a steaming pile of sh*t.

Amen! It's a bloody miracle the Lachman code worked at all (on the 3B2  
at least). The Wollongong code was better. But both faithfully  
reproduced all the original BSD libc bugs. 

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